Monday, May 29, 2006

New Page

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah..

I've just added a new page, listing all the files that have been uploaded recently.. you can access it by clicking on the link labelled Uploaded Files i put in the Oi! Links Oi! section, right at the left (right? left?) side of this page, below the friends list.. or you can just click here..

Right.. if you've already checked out the new page, you'll notice that the download link for Episode 05 of Dunia Baru has been added there. So feel free to get it.. no, dont feel free - nothing is free - if one day later they decided to.. nahhh.. abaikan2.. ambik je laa.. feel free.. i've also uploaded a few episodes of Usop Sontorian if anyone's interested..

Pastu.. uhhh.. ebay.. what has gotten into me? i woke up at 12 noon today (tido pukol ~5 pagi tau: study!) and logged on to ebay.. came across a Motorola V3x for sale (came across? not exactly, i did search for it in the first place though). and the next few minutes, as you may have guessed.. adehhh, dah terbeli.. chiss.. pakai Buy It Now aje, malas nak bid.. aku lagi suka bid sbnanyer, the excitement, the suspense, the skills, the tactics.. tapi takde mase.. haha.. lagipun harga die dah cukup murah.. buleh laa.. so begitulah alkisahnya.. aihh.. lpas beli, bayar, n setel semua2, baru laa pegi mandi.. breakfast pon pkol 2, lpas solat zuhur.. aihh, gaya hidup yang tak sihat!

Check out V3x's specs, review and pics.. extremely cool for £107.50, i must say.. or is it?

Pastu pastu pastu.. smalam mase tengah study study study, jadi bengong seketika.. arrgghh.. so aku pon lepak2 kejap, break dulu.. sambil2 tu aku pon kira2 laaa berape percent yg aku perlukan dalam exam nih untuk pass.. aihh.. mampu target pass aje.. isk.. so untuk dapat final score of at least 40% for each subject, setiap paper written exam aku kene score:
  • CS223 Introduction to Software Engineering - 0% (aku dah pass subject ni! thanks to groupwork which weights 70% of the final score)
  • CS231 Human-Computer Interaction - 32%
  • CS208 Computer System Design - 40% (subject ni takde assignment!)
  • CS205 Logic for Computer Scientists - 44% (aku tak hantar assignment yg worth 10%.. isk nyesal2..)
  • CS203 Automata and Formal Languages - ?? (markah assignment blom dapat!)
  • CS230 Systematic Software Development - 30%
  • CS222 Data Communications and Networks - 40% (subject ni pon takde assignment)
  • CS236 Data Structures & Algorithms - 35%
Although i did complain (a little!) how the vast amount of assignments was killing me few months ago, now i'm thankful for having done them. the only regret i have right now is because i didnt work hard enough on them.. eh no laaa.. i tried my best laaa.. hohoho..

Aku punye overall marks tahun lpas, mase first year, 62% sahaja (2:1 atas pagar!) tapi tahun nih taktau laa buleh maintain ke tak.. jangan kate nak improve, nak maintain pon macam.. aihhh..

Eh cakap banyak tak guna.. okeh2 sambung blaja!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Waheeda - Wassini

Assalamualaikum.. tajuk takde kaitan.. ahaha..

Ke Balai Polis

Hohoho.. smalam (jumaat) kan.. aku pegi balai polis bukit aman.. tipu.. balai polis west midlands laaa.. kat mane ntah.. pukol 10 pagi polis datang ambik kat rumah.. adehh.. naseb baek bangun awal.. isk.. pastu macam penjenayah laa plak kene naik kete polis.. kohkohkoh.. pastu sampai balai polis, kene tunggu sat.. die panggil Mike masuk dulu.. aku pon lepak2 laa kat luar tu.. pastu tak lama lpas tu ade sorang polis suh masuk laaa.. sampai laa giliran aku untuk mengecam muka penjenayah dulu tu.. tapi video je laaa.. bukan orang betol.. kohkohkoh.. ade muka 9 orang, pandang depan, pastu pandang kiri, pastu kanan, pastu depan balik.. tapi sekor pon takde rupe cam pencuri tuh.. hampeh.. blom kene tangkap lagi laaa gamaknye mamat tuh.. chiss.. sepandai2 tupai betol laa die tu.. lpas tu aku pon ckp laa kat polis tu, muka mamat tu takde kat situ.. pastu buat statement itu ini sket2, pastu setel.. lpas siap tu aku pon lepak laa kat luar balik.. Mike tak siap lagi rupenye.. aihh kamon laa.. ahaha.. pastu die ckp die pon takde nampak muka orang tu.. so lega laa aku.. kot2 aku cakap takde, Mike cakap ade, susah laa plak kan.. maka lpas tu polis tu pon hantar laa balik rumah.. naik kete polis lagi skali.. vroom vroommm!! va va voom!!

Pastu kol 12 pegi smayang jumaat.. beli nasik ustaz isa.. naik harga untuk sehari.. selalu £1.00 tapi smalam die jual £1.50 sebungkus.. sebab untuk derma palestine.. aku beli je ahh.. kelaparan.. aku bawak duit seringgit je, so kene laaa pi ATM cucuk duit.. aihh.. lpas smayang jumaat balik rumah terus.. study!

X-Men: The Last Stand

Aihh study laa sangat konon.. chitt.. hari sblom tu (khamis) aku pi tengok wayang.. citer X-Men 3 laaa.. hohoho.. .. perrghhh mantap citer nih.. penuh aksi.. lawak pon ade.. ade part sentimental jugak sket2.. aksi2 saspens kompem laa kene ade.. aku taktau laaa ape pendapat orang lain kan, tapi aku suke gile ahh.. rase2 cam nak tengok lagi skali pon buleh aje nih.. tak sedor diri nak exam.. eh tapi tontonan kedua lpas exam laa kot.. aih.. aku gi haritu pon tak plan langsung.. tengah goreng nasik, tibe2 je member ajak.. ahh sental je laaa kan.. tak sempat masak lauk lagi, nasik yang dah ala2 cukup masak tu pon sumbat je dalam kabinet dulu.. aihh.. pastu terus je pegi layan wayang.. uuhhh best ahh citer tu.. lpas wayang shahrul ngan wan mai lepak tempat aku sat.. makan nasik goreng (separuh siap tanpa lauk) sambil layan Dunia Baru + Suria Perkasa Hitam.. kohkohkoh.. takde keje..

Dunia Baru

Dah kuar episod 5.. aku dah siap download, in fact dah siap upload pon.. tapi aku blom tengok lagi (supaya nampak macam tengah rajin blaja).. so malas nak letak link kat sini lagi.. hahaha.. jangan mareee.. lpas aku tengok kang aku letak laa link tu yeahhh.. kohkohkoh..

Ape lagi ape lagi ape lagi.. aihh taktau laa.. lain kali plak.. aku kene terus menyambung percubaan untuk study!


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Learning English

Consider this sentence: "She is not here"
We can actually shorten this a bit, e.g. "She's not here", or "She isn't here"
But can we go any further in shortening it so that it become "She'sn't here"?

Now compare the number of characters in every version:
She is not here
She's not here
She isn't here
She'sn't here
Arrgghh $%^&*&£$"$"$&*()#~?!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dunia Baru Lagi...


Hmmm.. EP03 & EP04 upped (painlessly).. i'll get EP05 tomorrow insyaAllah.. nah2 ambik nih.. aku list semua skali:
If by any chance you get a message complaining about no free download slots available, you'll just have to wait for at least 60 seconds before you can retry.. and if its still not available after 3-4 attempts, you might wanna try again 10-15 minutes later.. use only as directed.. stop use if irritation occurs.. consult your local doctor.. aihh merepek2.. one more thing: you can only download one file at a time from sendspace.. you can tweak things a bit (e.g. change your IP) to get around it but hey, what's the rush? orang tamak selalu rugi u know.. like a dog and its shadow.. aku kasi contoh laa kan..

Pada suatu hari, seekor anjing telah menjumpai seketul tulang.. si anjing pon menggonggong tulang tersebut ke hulu ke hilir dengan bangga dan megahnya.. tibe2 si anjing sampai laa kat sebatang sungai kan.. die pon lepak2 atas jambatan, isap rokok secebis dua.. pastu tibe2.. haaa saspeng2.. aihh tibe sesi bercerita plak.. sambung sniri laaa yeah..

Oklaaa.. banyak dah masa aku terbuang dengan kerje2 mengupload nih.. seb baik seminggu skali je.. ape2 pon.. aku nak study!!


Dunia Baru - Episod 02


Hehe.. seems like i'm not the only one who's uploading this series! But the other link that I know of looks like a personal link (from a uni server or something) so i decided not to tell anyone about it like its my own.. hohoho.. now if you look (google!) hard enough you might find other links that have more (up to 4) episodes..

Now let's talk about episode 02.. eh no laaa.. dont wanna talk about it.. watch it for yourselves laaa.. tell you what, some people go crazy over this thing (not me!).. hahaha.. what the?

Uploading this was a real pain in the ass.. and in the head.. and heart.. and hands, fingers, toenails etc etc.. take this afternoon for example: the upload speed seemed to be stable at first, so i left my PC switched on just to upload this particular episode (yeah right) and went to a lecture, just to find out that the whole process failed at some point before i came back few hours later.. urrgghhh.. most probably due to internet disconnection.. hampeh btol laaa.. my broadband connection doesnt seem very broad these days.. even worse, the disconnection probabilities went up to 0.434 at night, and 0.342 in daytime.. ohh, thank God those figures were just something i made up.. i certainly hope they wont be that bad for sure!

And tonight, it took me a number of attempts before being able to completely upload this episode.. the second last attempt was a total disaster.. i remembered the last time i checked the uploading status: ~75% completed, and around 20~30 minutes left.. so i patiently turned back to my CS230 lecture notes.. and after 20~30 minutes, guess what, the internet explorer window just vanished.. nowhere to be seen.. what the? arrgghhh.. sabor je laaa.. punye laa lame nunggu.. buleh hilang gitu je time dekat2 nak complete..

Oh well, here goes: Dunia Baru - Episod 02

Enjoy, enjoy jugak.. tapi sembahyang lebih utama! ohohoh.. tibe je kan.. tapi btol laa.. aku takleh laaa orang tak smayang nih.. oi oi sape tak smayang jangan dload.. hish.. hidup kene ade keberkatan tau tak.. ingat tu.. kaf-ba-ro-kaf-alif-ta-nun.. keberkatan.. ingat tu muhd adif! Alhamdulillah..

Wokeh, wassalamualaikum..

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dunia Baru - Episod 01


Hohoho.. ni saje je aku upload citer melayu.. drama bersiri.. ni first episode laaa ni.. tajuk die Dunia Baru.. hehe.. ape yang best citer nih..?? ntah laaa.. aku layan je.. orang cakap best, aku pon dload je laa (kat torrent site).. skali lpas tengok yang first, aihhh rase cam best laa plak.. hahaha.. so tiap2 minggu pon aku dload laa.. skang dah minggu yang ke-4, so aku dah ade sampai episod 4 laaa skang..

Jap2, ni aku kasi description sket (copy-paste jer): "This new series revolves around the lifestyle of a group of college students as they strive to balance their studies and social lives." hohoho.. citer nih diorang buat shooting kat Unisel (Universiti Selangor, kan..??)

For more info/sinopsis/ulasan, sila google laaa.. haha.. sape2 yang agak2 malas nak google sniri, nah laa aku google-kan untuk korang.. aihh.. cube ingat sikit kate pepatah, "give a man a google, he can google for a day, teach a man how to google, he can google all his life." aihh ape merepek ni.. nah2.. sila laaa click mane2 link berikut: The Star | Portal Ilmu

Antara pelakon yg membintangi siri nih:
  • Elyana - wiuwiuwiuwiuwiu tapak sulaiman nihhh.. huahuahua..
  • Pierre Andre - jejaka idaman malaya..??
  • Naszriah Ngasri - kecoh minah ni.. seb baik buat lawak buleh tahan..
  • Que Haidar - hahaha.. aku suke kat dia lpas tengok episod 4..!!
  • Anita Baharom - errr, sape knal..?? aku slalu je dengar name die.. pengacara program ape ntah.. tapi ok je, best jugak minah ni.. =p
  • Dan lain-lain..
Huhuhu.. ape2 pon, kalo korang kat Msia, sila laa bukak TV3 setiap hari khamis, 930 malam.. kalo korang kat bumi lain, aihh entah laa.. pepandai laa korang..

Ni aku upload episod 01, sape yang rase nak tengok, buleh laa angkat.. tapi kene ingat, ni diorang rip from TV aje, so kualiti pon so-so je laaa.. takde laaa cun kan, tapi buleh laa.. watchable laa.. lagi satu aku nak bagitau, bulan depan aku nak balik rumah dah.. so, bile aku dah balik, takde laa aku nak upload dah kan.. pepandai laa korang carik episod-episod seterusnye lpas tu.. hohoho.. selagi aku blom balik rumah, insyaAllah aku akan upload episod-episod lain yang aku ade.. tak lama lagi laa.. okeh.. dapatkan..

Dunia Baru - Episod 01 - korang buleh dload from, maybe dalam 1-2 jam siap laa..
p/s: aku taktau berape lame link ni dapat bertahan, so, get it while its still available.. SendSpace will delete this file after 7 days of inactivity..

Credit goes to the legal parties - TV3, publisher, producer, director, pelakon2, dan sebagainya.. and the "other parties" - TorrentMalaya and the gang, uploader, dan lain2..

Wokeh, layan laa kalo nak layan.. kalo taknak, sudah..!! sila blah jauh2..!! shuh2..!! boooooo..!! ahaha tak matang langsung..

Friday, May 19, 2006

The Flaming Art

Hohoho.. amacam..?? ini idea pukul 7-8 pagi nih.. eh sila laa saksikan sniri.. hasil seni aku.. oi oi o i nak exam ni oi.. salah gile timing nak buat bende2 cenggini..!!

Dengan sukacitanye aku mengumumkan koleksi ini sebagai "The Flaming Art".. eh, ke "The Art of Flaming"..?? ahh mane2 laa.. janji ade art, ade flaming.. baru laa ganas kan.. hohoho..

I like the first one.. there's something about it that makes me calm.. elehh.. calm konon.. hahaha.. takdenye nak calm.. kenape tak calm..?? hohoho.. check out the second pic..!!

Chisss.. dalam toilet rupenye.. ntah kat mane art-nye taktau laa.. wahaha.. tapi walaupon art dah takde, flaming-nye masih ade.. kepale otak aku laa yang ber-flame..!! dah berapi memikirkan bile laa lampu bilik air nak pulih seperti sediakala.. arrgghhh tragis gile tiap2 kali masuk toilet kene pasang lilin.. oi oi oi kembalikan lampu toilet kitorang oi..!!

Hahaha.. tak sampai sehari laie lampu tu rosak dah kecoh.. aihh..

Eh tapi kalo gambar2 tu dijadikan postcard kan, agak2 ade tak orang sudi nak beli..?? kohkohkoh.. tak kuase aku..

Nah aku tayang laie skali.. gambar same je pon =p

Wasssalamualaikum warahmatullah..

Windows Media Player 11

Yo.. saje je nak tayang aku punye windows media player 11.. amacam, cun tak..?? hahaha.. player tu cun ke..?? buleh tahan cun jugak laa kan.. yang laie cun sbnanyer background picture tuh.. kohkohkoh.. busuk je..

Mase mula2 nak install WMP11 (official beta release) nih, aku telah terasa satu tamparan hebat.. aihh.. selame ni aku rase PC aku power je.. tapi mase nak install tuh die cakap, "Unsupported Operating System. To install Windows Media Player 11, your computer must be running Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 or later." aduhhh.. barulah first time aku terase PC aku dah mula menjurus ke tahap koman.. aihh.. skang aku pakai Windows XP Media Center Edition 2002 je.. takpelah, adat permainan.. huhuhu.. usah ditambah bara yang tersimpan..!!

Pastu, oleh sebab gagal install official release, aku pon usha2 laa yang "unofficial" punye.. yang dah di-adjust2-kan laaa kirenye.. diorang biasenye adjust nak bagi user2 pirated windows buleh install laa.. windows aku ori, tapi takpe laa, try laa install jugak yang pirated version.. wahhh buleh laaa plak.. lpas dah install tu, tibe2 rase cam tak ngam je.. harap lawa je lebih.. tapi function kureng sket ahh.. aku taktau laa, maybe orang lain lagi suke function2 kat WMP11, tapi aku lagi minat pakai WMP10 laa.. maybe sebab dah biase kot..

Tapi alangkah mangainya terasa apabila aku menyedari akan hakikat bahawa uninstaller untuk remove WMP11 tidak disertakan sekali bersama pirated version nih.. arrgghh.. pastu nak try remove pakai "Control Panel > Add or Remove Program" pon tak buleh jugak.. tensi2.. pastu aku usha2 kat Windows punye FAQ (frequently asked questions), die cakap buleh je uninstall.. tapi bile aku check, version aku mmg lain sket laa dari yg official, so takleh jugak nak uninstall ikut cara tu.. dush2.. bangkai btol.. pastu ade member suggest suruh buat system restore, tapi aku takde plak set restore point sblom install.. hahaha.. padan muka laa kat diri sniri kan.. aihh..

Pastu bile aku nak try install balik WMP10, die cakap tak buleh, sebab ade versi yang lagi latest kan.. so gagal jugak cara tu.. adeh.. nampaknye, terpakse babai je laaa WMP10 faveretku.. WMP11 nih cam heavy sket laa untuk PC aku.. takde laa heavy sangat, tapi kalo time2 aku bukak banyak2 program, terase jugak laa beban yang terpahat di jiwa processor comp aku nih.. aih.. tu laa sape suh degil sangat, microsoft dah cakap windows ko tak layak install bende ni, ko nak install jugak.. padan muka ko.. eh ye laa.. padan muka aku laa.. isk.. terpakse laaa membiasekan diri dengan WMP11..

"alah bisa tegal biasa"


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good

Got my new 1GB TransFlash memory card today! cool.. now i can enjoy more music on the go.. 1GB can hold around 1500 realmedia songs.. but i'm not gonna stuff the whole 1GB with only music of course.. more pics, more vids.. told you, you dont need ipod video when your fon is this good! well, itu hanyalah kata2 daku seorang anti-ipod.. hahaha.. ipod mahal sangat.. tak kuase aku.. hmm.. i havent load anything much onto the new one.. gotta finish my revision first.. isk.. all in all, everything's good with the new memory card, except that..

The Bad

This is not that bad, but it annoys me so much that i cant copy any of the java games from the old card to the new one.. something to do with expired license whatever.. sigh.. it's a shame, really.. i bought those games.. means, i dont mind if they're the kind of games you can download from the net and install for free.. uhhh.. i know i should have installed them onto the phone memory instead of the memory card.. my only solution for the time being is to swap the cards everytime i want to play those games.. too much of a hassle.. maybe i'll just install other free games i got from the net.. uhhhh..

And, this is worse.. not that bad, but still, worse than the first problem.. this has got nothing to do with the new memory card though.. i.. errr.. i.. i dropped my e1000 at the post office the other day.. arghh.. i was such in a hurry that i became very clumsy.. dush2.. tumbuk perut sniri.. arghh.. thank God there are no serious effects on my fon.. except for a few very very tiny scratches on the LCD screen.. oops, this should be mentioned in the Ugly section i guess.. but no, my fon is not ugly!

Another minor problem is that my fon's date and time are reset everytime the battery is removed.. i checked a forum for e1000 and found out that the most likely reason for this is because an internal battery was displaced, most probably due to the above incident.. the thing is, i changed batteries quite frequently (i have 2 batteries - for backup), and having two memory cards now means i might need to remove the battery more often than usual to swap the cards.. ish, gotta solve this before it starts to get on my nerve..

The Ugly

Fact: my fon is not ugly, the term ugly in this entry is only used to express the lack of perfection =p hahaha.. as stated earlier, some tiny marks emerged after it fell.. apart from that, the LCD display has been contaminated with dust.. i can still keep my mind from thinking about those scratches but the dust has been there for too long now.. gotta fix that!

In an attempt to fix things, i just bought a new Torx screwdriver from ebay.. that should enable to safely disassemble my fon.. uhhhh.. i really hope i'm making the right decision here since i'm gonna do those disassembling all by myself.. isk.. with (high) hopes, i'm expecting to put the internal battery back in its place and while i'm at it, cleaning the LCD display from dust shouldnt be a problem.. not the perfect timing considering the exams in 2-3 weeks time, but i just cant let these problems bug me any longer..

That being said, i should continue my revision now before i got myself busy fixing e1000 once the torx screwdriver arrived..


Monday, May 15, 2006

Dan Lagi...

Spent £50 on ebay tonite.. finally decided not to buy the RS DV MMC for my N70.. yup, N70 can wait.. hehe.. or can keep waiting, actually.. all in all, £34 for the 1GB TrasnFlash memory card, and another £16 for 50 pieces 16x DVDRs.. i run out of blank DVDs quite fast, obviously.. last time i bought that same pack of 50 pieces DVDR was on the 5th of April.. which basically means 50 DVDs burned in like 40 days.. thats ~1.25 DVDs per day.. arrgghh.. i just cant stop downloading stuff, can i..??

Right now, tons of Gundam series are being stuffed into my PC.. only a few GBs of free space left on my hard disk, which is why i have to burn them as soon as the download complete (not being a good bittorent user lately).. the series include: Gundam Wing and Turn A Gundam, both are currently being downloaded.. the others in queue are Gundam X, G Gundam, Gundam ZZ, Gundam Seed, and Gundam Seed Destiny.. with each series takes around 12GB, i'm gonna need like 7x3 DVDs in total for all of them..

"Wei wei study laa wei.. nak exam pon sebok je download tak abes2..", hehe.. to be frank, it just doesnt feel right not to download anything.. i dont know why.. ouhh..

Hmmm.. 3 (somehow stupid) entries in a single day.. God, i should be studying!

p/s that dream still haunts me (slightly).. hehe.. one of the main characters suddenly msg'ed me on MSN just now (after quite a while of sepi tanpa khabar berita, that is).. huuuuu.. spookily spooking spooked..

... continued ...

and its haunting, disturbing me.. wahhh horror2..

".. oo twisted, twisted soul, leave me and go back to your world!"

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Dream

Uhhh.. what a weird dream i had this morning.. not something that's supernaturally weird, but weird in other way.. it's something that's logical, but not possible.. cant tell you guys anything about it though.. strange enough, i can remember every single bit of the twisted plot (we dont usually remember our dreams, in full length, do we?).. it was like watching a slot of Kisah Benar or Kes Juvana or Edisi Siasat.. Misteri Nusantara? yeah, perhaps.. thank God the ending was something good, brought me back to reality.. i mean, the reality of the dream itself.. aihh..

"oo twisted, twisted soul, bring me to where the story was told.."



Aku sedang berkira2 untuk ber-ebay serba-sedikit sebelum balik msia bulan depan.. yang memang insyaAllah kompem aku akan beli ialah 1GB memory card untuk aku punye Motorola E1000.. E1000 pakai TransFlash (MicroSD).. cenonet je memory card tu.. heheh.. aku punye skang, 128MB je.. tak cukup beb.. eh actually cukup je.. tapi setelah sekian lama pakai 128MB, terlintas jualah di hati kudus ini untuk upgrade memory kan.. fuhhh, 8 kali ganda tu.. tak tahan.. lagi tak tahan dengan harganya.. dulu2 aku beli memory card 128MB tu £20+.. kalo tak silap, £23 rasenye.. tapi yang 1GB ni pulak dalam £35 pon buleh dapat.. so kire buleh tahan ngam jugak laa harga die.. harga2 tu semua including postage laa.. ok.. tu memang aku akan beli, insyaAllah..

Lagi satu, memory card untuk Nokia N70.. N70 pakai RS DV MMC.. aihh.. name yang penuh dengan abjad2.. RS = reduced size, DV = dual voltage, MMC = MultiMedia Card laa.. ni pon buleh tahan cenonet (name pon reduced size kan) tapi takleh celen kecenonetan TransFlash laaa kan.. aku punye N70 skang pakai 64MB je (dapat free skali dgn fon), so sedangkan 128MB pon tak dapat melunaskan rindu dendam, inikan pulak 64MB kan.. pastu, N70 ni ngam untuk MP3 sahaja (RealMedia pon buleh, tapi N70 tak power sgt nak handle RealMedia) so, lagi laaa tak cukup.. kalo korang x paham ape kaitan RealMedia dengan memory space, abaikan je..

OK.. so N70 punye memory card ni harga die £25 incl postage, untuk 1GB laaa.. yang ni aku taktau nak beli ke tak.. yelaa aku bukan pakai sangat pon N70 aku tu.. terbiar je dalam laci meja.. same je ngan kamera aku.. dah lama tak pakai.. huhuhu.. kalo ikut hati, nak je aku jual N70 aku nih.. tapi sayang laaa.. aku jarang jual barang2 aku.. apetah kalo nak buang kan.. susah btol aku nak buang barang2 aku.. kotak kasut, bateri2 lama, even botol air mineral pon aku sayang nak buang.. argghh.. patut laa bilik aku penuh je manjang..

So maybe aku kasi je kot kat sape2 N70 aku ni.. akak aku ke? takleh2.. bapak aku? cannot2.. adek aku? puteri damiea? yeahhh.. ahaha.. eh berbalik kepada topik asal.. adeh laa.. aku taktau laie nak beli ke tak.. kalo aku beli dua2, 35+25 = 60.. hmmmm.. ntah2.. akan difikirkan.. tak lari memory card dikejar.. ehehe..

Pastu, apo laie.. pasal study.. fuhh.. baru abes baca lecture notes utk CS222 - Data Communnications and Networks.. banyak gile bende2 probabilities dalam subjek tuh.. isk, aku ingatkan dah tak jumpe dah bende2 Further Stats kat sini.. arghh.. susah btol.. pastu skang tengah berjinak2 dengan CS208 - Computer System Design.. aih.. pening2.. nyesal plak tido je time lecture dulu2.. aihh.. haaaa.. ni saje je aku nak tunjuk code aku untuk assignment CS203 yang haritu.. sape tak paham padan muka korang.. booooo!! click here.. ade satu typo dalam tu.. sape buleh spot aku kasi N70.. ahaha tipu2.. cancel2.. buleh blah!

Uhhh.. okeh2.. sambung blaja.. senang je nak update blog kalo pakai blogspot ni rupenye.. so anytime laa buleh update.. muahahaha.. kalo site lama dulu nak update bukan main payah.. at least pon 3 jam.. isk..

Ehh dah laaa.. study2..!!

p/s sape nak N70 aku sila tawarkan harga diri.. ahaha.. sape yang takde harga diri buleh blah.. kalo takde jatidiri pon jangan nyebok.. shuh2.. pegi berpeleseran jauh2 laaa.. usah dikau ganggu hidupku..!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh..

The shoutbox has been down for a few days now. Not a big deal anyway. Huahuahua.. saje je try speaking.. kohkohkoh.. "kohkohkoh" tu bukan gelak tu.. aku masih laie batuk2 nih.. uhuk2.. cough2.. koff2.. aih.. dah kurang sket laaa kot slpas telan ubat batuk cap.. cap ape nih?? Vicks VapoSyrup.. teringat mase dulu2 sedut/sapu Vicks Vaporub kalo selsema.. haha.. eh tapi tak best laaa ubat batuk ni.. dah laa mahal.. boooooooo..!!

Ubat batuk paling yang paling sedap dan menjadi faveret aku ialah ubat batuk cap Kelapa Laut Afrika.. kot.. ke cap Ibu dan Anak..?? tapi antara dua tu laa.. eh kompius2.. dah lama tak minum ubat batuk kan.. ye laaa baru keluar pusat pemulihan ubat batuk 2-3 tahun lepas.. takkan nak terjebak balik kan.. hahaha.. macam ketagih dadah pulak siap ade pusat pemulihan.. mende nih.. se-best2 ubat batuk tu pon takde laa aku sampai ketagih.. gile.. dah laa mahal.. baik ketagih air paip je.. murah pon murah.. togak je mane2 pon ade..

Eh ape citer ketagih2 nih.. busuk je topik.. tuka2..

Tapi topik baru ni laie busuk.. so aku invisible-kan laaa.. aku nasihatkan korang takyah bace.. aku terpakse laa tulis sebab nak meluahkan perasaan kan.. so.. tutup mata! aku nak start citer dah ni..

Kisah ini pasal seorang budak yang suka beraksi PCP di ...

... begitulah kisahnya.. sape yang tak tensen kalo memanjang jadi cenggitu je..?? beraksi PCP tu, maknenye, ahh korang google sniri laa.. jangan malas2.. tak baik..!!

Huhuhu.. baru puas hati aku.. eh blom.. blom puas laie.. masalah tak akan setel laaa dengan berceriter kat sini saje.. sekadar mengubat jiwa yang lara buleh laa kan.. aih.. nanti2 laa kalo masalah tersebut masih berlarutan, mungkin suatu masa nanti akan aku visible-kan kisah busuk tersebut untuk tatapan korang.. heheh...

Aku skang sedang busy blaja (hohoho.. yelaa tu).. itu dalam harapan aku laa.. realitinya, tak ke mana jugak.. tapi sedang mencuba laa.. pastu, smalam baru je submit the final assignment of the year.. yeahh..!! bukan final assignment of the year 2006 laaa, tapi of the second academic year laaa.. sila paham btol2.. pastu, esok kene jumpe Dr Ranko Lazic (lecturer aku utk subjek Logic for Computer Scientists) sebab nak bincang pasal 3rd Year punye project.. aihh.. blom abes 2nd Year laie dah kene prepare utk 3rd Year punye assignment.. tak tahan..

Untuk 3rd Year punye project tu, aku budget2 nak buat Automata Simulator (or Translator or whatever) laa konon2.. and that 'thing' should be able to translate an NFA (Non-deterministic Finite Automata) to a DFA (Deterministic Finite Automata), a DFA to an RL (Regular Language), and an RL to an NFA.. in short: NFA - DFA - RL - NFA.. apekebende semua2 tu..?? ahh kalo korang nak tau sila laa carik sniri.. google ke wikipedia ke yahoo ke.. make full use of the resources laa beb..!! zaman teknologi maklumat ni, kene laa manfaatkan segala sumber yang ade.. hohoho..

Ok, finally.. check out this link. For security purposes (yeah right) I google my own name frequently, like once in a week or something.. and that link was what i found last time i did that googling thing.. Sila check Ahli Jawatankuasa 7 punye name.. hohoho.. sebijik2 same dengan name aku.. apekah? siap name bapak pon same.. aihh.. suspek2.. yang penting itu bukan aku laa.. sejak bile plak aku masuk kelab umno birmingham & wolverhampton sedangkan kelab umno warwick & coventry sendiri dah ade.. mesti ade udang di sebalik batu ni.. takpe2, sebagai seorang spy aku sendiri akan menyiasat kes ini secara terperinci dan membawa musuh2 manusia sejagat ke muka pengadilan..!!

Eh, sudah2 laa tu.. takpayah poyo2 laa.. baik pegi study laa wahai saudara faizul azmil..
Okeh, Wassalamualaikum!