Monday, May 15, 2006

Dan Lagi...

Spent £50 on ebay tonite.. finally decided not to buy the RS DV MMC for my N70.. yup, N70 can wait.. hehe.. or can keep waiting, actually.. all in all, £34 for the 1GB TrasnFlash memory card, and another £16 for 50 pieces 16x DVDRs.. i run out of blank DVDs quite fast, obviously.. last time i bought that same pack of 50 pieces DVDR was on the 5th of April.. which basically means 50 DVDs burned in like 40 days.. thats ~1.25 DVDs per day.. arrgghh.. i just cant stop downloading stuff, can i..??

Right now, tons of Gundam series are being stuffed into my PC.. only a few GBs of free space left on my hard disk, which is why i have to burn them as soon as the download complete (not being a good bittorent user lately).. the series include: Gundam Wing and Turn A Gundam, both are currently being downloaded.. the others in queue are Gundam X, G Gundam, Gundam ZZ, Gundam Seed, and Gundam Seed Destiny.. with each series takes around 12GB, i'm gonna need like 7x3 DVDs in total for all of them..

"Wei wei study laa wei.. nak exam pon sebok je download tak abes2..", hehe.. to be frank, it just doesnt feel right not to download anything.. i dont know why.. ouhh..

Hmmm.. 3 (somehow stupid) entries in a single day.. God, i should be studying!

p/s that dream still haunts me (slightly).. hehe.. one of the main characters suddenly msg'ed me on MSN just now (after quite a while of sepi tanpa khabar berita, that is).. huuuuu.. spookily spooking spooked..