Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dunia Baru - Episod 02


Hehe.. seems like i'm not the only one who's uploading this series! But the other link that I know of looks like a personal link (from a uni server or something) so i decided not to tell anyone about it like its my own.. hohoho.. now if you look (google!) hard enough you might find other links that have more (up to 4) episodes..

Now let's talk about episode 02.. eh no laaa.. dont wanna talk about it.. watch it for yourselves laaa.. tell you what, some people go crazy over this thing (not me!).. hahaha.. what the?

Uploading this was a real pain in the ass.. and in the head.. and heart.. and hands, fingers, toenails etc etc.. take this afternoon for example: the upload speed seemed to be stable at first, so i left my PC switched on just to upload this particular episode (yeah right) and went to a lecture, just to find out that the whole process failed at some point before i came back few hours later.. urrgghhh.. most probably due to internet disconnection.. hampeh btol laaa.. my broadband connection doesnt seem very broad these days.. even worse, the disconnection probabilities went up to 0.434 at night, and 0.342 in daytime.. ohh, thank God those figures were just something i made up.. i certainly hope they wont be that bad for sure!

And tonight, it took me a number of attempts before being able to completely upload this episode.. the second last attempt was a total disaster.. i remembered the last time i checked the uploading status: ~75% completed, and around 20~30 minutes left.. so i patiently turned back to my CS230 lecture notes.. and after 20~30 minutes, guess what, the internet explorer window just vanished.. nowhere to be seen.. what the? arrgghhh.. sabor je laaa.. punye laa lame nunggu.. buleh hilang gitu je time dekat2 nak complete..

Oh well, here goes: Dunia Baru - Episod 02

Enjoy, enjoy jugak.. tapi sembahyang lebih utama! ohohoh.. tibe je kan.. tapi btol laa.. aku takleh laaa orang tak smayang nih.. oi oi sape tak smayang jangan dload.. hish.. hidup kene ade keberkatan tau tak.. ingat tu.. kaf-ba-ro-kaf-alif-ta-nun.. keberkatan.. ingat tu muhd adif! Alhamdulillah..

Wokeh, wassalamualaikum..