Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good

Got my new 1GB TransFlash memory card today! cool.. now i can enjoy more music on the go.. 1GB can hold around 1500 realmedia songs.. but i'm not gonna stuff the whole 1GB with only music of course.. more pics, more vids.. told you, you dont need ipod video when your fon is this good! well, itu hanyalah kata2 daku seorang anti-ipod.. hahaha.. ipod mahal sangat.. tak kuase aku.. hmm.. i havent load anything much onto the new one.. gotta finish my revision first.. isk.. all in all, everything's good with the new memory card, except that..

The Bad

This is not that bad, but it annoys me so much that i cant copy any of the java games from the old card to the new one.. something to do with expired license whatever.. sigh.. it's a shame, really.. i bought those games.. means, i dont mind if they're the kind of games you can download from the net and install for free.. uhhh.. i know i should have installed them onto the phone memory instead of the memory card.. my only solution for the time being is to swap the cards everytime i want to play those games.. too much of a hassle.. maybe i'll just install other free games i got from the net.. uhhhh..

And, this is worse.. not that bad, but still, worse than the first problem.. this has got nothing to do with the new memory card though.. i.. errr.. i.. i dropped my e1000 at the post office the other day.. arghh.. i was such in a hurry that i became very clumsy.. dush2.. tumbuk perut sniri.. arghh.. thank God there are no serious effects on my fon.. except for a few very very tiny scratches on the LCD screen.. oops, this should be mentioned in the Ugly section i guess.. but no, my fon is not ugly!

Another minor problem is that my fon's date and time are reset everytime the battery is removed.. i checked a forum for e1000 and found out that the most likely reason for this is because an internal battery was displaced, most probably due to the above incident.. the thing is, i changed batteries quite frequently (i have 2 batteries - for backup), and having two memory cards now means i might need to remove the battery more often than usual to swap the cards.. ish, gotta solve this before it starts to get on my nerve..

The Ugly

Fact: my fon is not ugly, the term ugly in this entry is only used to express the lack of perfection =p hahaha.. as stated earlier, some tiny marks emerged after it fell.. apart from that, the LCD display has been contaminated with dust.. i can still keep my mind from thinking about those scratches but the dust has been there for too long now.. gotta fix that!

In an attempt to fix things, i just bought a new Torx screwdriver from ebay.. that should enable to safely disassemble my fon.. uhhhh.. i really hope i'm making the right decision here since i'm gonna do those disassembling all by myself.. isk.. with (high) hopes, i'm expecting to put the internal battery back in its place and while i'm at it, cleaning the LCD display from dust shouldnt be a problem.. not the perfect timing considering the exams in 2-3 weeks time, but i just cant let these problems bug me any longer..

That being said, i should continue my revision now before i got myself busy fixing e1000 once the torx screwdriver arrived..



Farah Haida said...

Ya Allah bojol. Study laaa... tak sudah2 ngan gadget2 die nih. hahaha. (aku berleter lagi. tutup telinge cepat. eh... tutup mate :p haha)

bojol said...

tengah study laa ni
dengan nyenyaknye..