Monday, May 29, 2006

New Page

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah..

I've just added a new page, listing all the files that have been uploaded recently.. you can access it by clicking on the link labelled Uploaded Files i put in the Oi! Links Oi! section, right at the left (right? left?) side of this page, below the friends list.. or you can just click here..

Right.. if you've already checked out the new page, you'll notice that the download link for Episode 05 of Dunia Baru has been added there. So feel free to get it.. no, dont feel free - nothing is free - if one day later they decided to.. nahhh.. abaikan2.. ambik je laa.. feel free.. i've also uploaded a few episodes of Usop Sontorian if anyone's interested..

Pastu.. uhhh.. ebay.. what has gotten into me? i woke up at 12 noon today (tido pukol ~5 pagi tau: study!) and logged on to ebay.. came across a Motorola V3x for sale (came across? not exactly, i did search for it in the first place though). and the next few minutes, as you may have guessed.. adehhh, dah terbeli.. chiss.. pakai Buy It Now aje, malas nak bid.. aku lagi suka bid sbnanyer, the excitement, the suspense, the skills, the tactics.. tapi takde mase.. haha.. lagipun harga die dah cukup murah.. buleh laa.. so begitulah alkisahnya.. aihh.. lpas beli, bayar, n setel semua2, baru laa pegi mandi.. breakfast pon pkol 2, lpas solat zuhur.. aihh, gaya hidup yang tak sihat!

Check out V3x's specs, review and pics.. extremely cool for £107.50, i must say.. or is it?

Pastu pastu pastu.. smalam mase tengah study study study, jadi bengong seketika.. arrgghh.. so aku pon lepak2 kejap, break dulu.. sambil2 tu aku pon kira2 laaa berape percent yg aku perlukan dalam exam nih untuk pass.. aihh.. mampu target pass aje.. isk.. so untuk dapat final score of at least 40% for each subject, setiap paper written exam aku kene score:
  • CS223 Introduction to Software Engineering - 0% (aku dah pass subject ni! thanks to groupwork which weights 70% of the final score)
  • CS231 Human-Computer Interaction - 32%
  • CS208 Computer System Design - 40% (subject ni takde assignment!)
  • CS205 Logic for Computer Scientists - 44% (aku tak hantar assignment yg worth 10%.. isk nyesal2..)
  • CS203 Automata and Formal Languages - ?? (markah assignment blom dapat!)
  • CS230 Systematic Software Development - 30%
  • CS222 Data Communications and Networks - 40% (subject ni pon takde assignment)
  • CS236 Data Structures & Algorithms - 35%
Although i did complain (a little!) how the vast amount of assignments was killing me few months ago, now i'm thankful for having done them. the only regret i have right now is because i didnt work hard enough on them.. eh no laaa.. i tried my best laaa.. hohoho..

Aku punye overall marks tahun lpas, mase first year, 62% sahaja (2:1 atas pagar!) tapi tahun nih taktau laa buleh maintain ke tak.. jangan kate nak improve, nak maintain pon macam.. aihhh..

Eh cakap banyak tak guna.. okeh2 sambung blaja!


shanira said...

haa..tu la degil
dulu org dah suruh hantar 10% tuh malas!
kan dah kene score 44%
eh tapi *genius* kan..kan kan?

eh nih gune name sendri ni!

bojol said...

lpas ni aku insaf laaa
akan ku hantar semua assignment biar hanya 0.001% cuma!

mr dx said...

haha bojol separa genius. separa __________ (isi tempat kosong laaaa)

bojol said...

separa ape? aih.. sengal gile exam