Friday, October 13, 2006

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Getting The Best From Your Workout

To achieve the best results from your workouts it is important to apply the principle of “overload”. Simply ask yourself how hard the last few repetitions of each set are. On a scale of 1-10 (1-easy, 10 – very very hard). You are aiming at an 8 to 9 on the rate of perceived exertion scale over the last three repetitions.

Number of Repetitions for Different Training Benefits

If you want to train for hypertrophy (size) keep your sets between 8 – 12 repetitions. Repeat each individual exercise 2 or 3 times increasing weight slightly and decreasing repetitions ie. 1st set 12 repetitions, 2nd set 10 repetitions, 3rd set 8 repetitions, rest for 1 minute between sets. If you want to train for shape/definition, sets should be 12 – 15 repetitions. 1 to 2 sets both of between 12 - 15 repetitions. Rest for 1 minute between sets.

Advantages of a Free Weight Workout

A work-out with free weights such as dumbells is more functionally beneficial than fixed equipment. A work-out that emulates every day activity is ultimately more advantageous that one where the equipment holds you steady and allows you to perform only certain movements.
We move in a synchronised manner, one area assisting another. It is therefore advantageous to exercise in this way, thus encouraging strength and stability using the bodies natural movement patterns. When using free weights it is useful to note that other muscles apart from the prime movers, play a big part in the exercise process.


[Taken from York Dumbell Exercise Chart]

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