Monday, November 20, 2006

LOTR - The Movie with Lots of (and mostly gay) Spoofs

Being a "big" movie doesnt really mean anything if its not spoofable. Betoi ka? Mane aku tau. Aku main tibai je ayat first tu. Ngiahiahia. Anyway, lots of LOTR (Lord of the Rings) spoofs are available on YouTube. Go check them out! If you have no time to watch all of the ones i put up here, then please just watch at least the last one. It's... indescribable.

We'll start with one of the first spoofs, showed during an MTV Music Award, featuring Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Gellar:

And quite recently, LOTR was being blended together with Brokeback Mountain. Lots of variations available on youtube, i'll only put some of them here.

The Fellowship of Brokeback Mountain:

Brokeback MountDoom:

Brokeback Hobbiton:

And then some random gayness videos, but this one is officially made by TBS (a TV Station), as one of their LOTR commercials:

This one is entitled LOTR Orgy. If you dont know what "orgy" is, dont ask me. I'm not gonna be the one explaining that to you. =p

And this is the one that i strongly recommend you guys to watch, the Hokkien version of LOTR. Don't worry if you don't know Hokkien, the subtitle is indescribable enough. Here goes:

That's it. Another stupid and time wasting post completed.
Enjoy the rest of your day.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

MANCIS Burnness Challenge 2006

Hello and welcome to the MANCIS Burnness Challenge 2006!

Firstly, what you have to do to enter this competition is to register your team with us at by 16th November 2006. Your team members can consist of anybody, from any disciplines, as long as one of the members is a MANCIS member.

How the competition works

If your team is registered with MANCIS for the Burnness Challenge by 16th November, we will give you your victim on the morning of 17th November.

Your first task is to burn the victim's two legs.

This burnness is to be submitted via royal mail to MANCIS headquarter by 11.59pm on Wednesday 22 November.

Five groups will be selected to burn their victim to death on Friday 3rd December to the final burning judging panel. Team leaders will be informed whether or not your group has been selected for the final burning on Monday 27th November at 12 pm.

If you have any further queries over the next before the registration deadline please do not hesitate to contact us at:

(MANCIS Burnness Challenge 2006 Organising Committee).

ohhhhh bosan sungguh study..
membuatkan aku kepingin untuk menyongsangkan macfis punye business challenge..
jangan marah yer encik macfis..
gi laa tengok kat yer

Monday, November 13, 2006



Ngiahiahia.. a few changes: (1) AKU akan pakai kata gantinama aku instead of gua. sebab ape? ntah. sebab ape aku tetibe start tulih gua dulu? ntah. (2) aku akan gelak ngiahiahia lebih banyak dari gelak kohkohkoh. sebab ape? ntah. (3) ntah.

Baru siap buat assignment untuk History of Computing. sedap gak laa buat assignment tu actually. cume yang tak bestnye sebab mase agak limited. deadline nyer esok, isnin. pastu selase lak ade test untuk module lain. aihhh. abes tu buat mende tulih blog? dah siap assignment gi laaa study untuk test. shuh2.

Maka aku pon menarik diri untuk meneruskan pengajian. tipu gile. aku kene prepare something. esok laa aku study untuk test. ngiahiahia.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tsk Tsk Tsk

Ngaaaaaa apsal tetibe sebak di dada nih. hohoho. tsk tsk tsk.