Monday, November 20, 2006

LOTR - The Movie with Lots of (and mostly gay) Spoofs

Being a "big" movie doesnt really mean anything if its not spoofable. Betoi ka? Mane aku tau. Aku main tibai je ayat first tu. Ngiahiahia. Anyway, lots of LOTR (Lord of the Rings) spoofs are available on YouTube. Go check them out! If you have no time to watch all of the ones i put up here, then please just watch at least the last one. It's... indescribable.

We'll start with one of the first spoofs, showed during an MTV Music Award, featuring Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Gellar:

And quite recently, LOTR was being blended together with Brokeback Mountain. Lots of variations available on youtube, i'll only put some of them here.

The Fellowship of Brokeback Mountain:

Brokeback MountDoom:

Brokeback Hobbiton:

And then some random gayness videos, but this one is officially made by TBS (a TV Station), as one of their LOTR commercials:

This one is entitled LOTR Orgy. If you dont know what "orgy" is, dont ask me. I'm not gonna be the one explaining that to you. =p

And this is the one that i strongly recommend you guys to watch, the Hokkien version of LOTR. Don't worry if you don't know Hokkien, the subtitle is indescribable enough. Here goes:

That's it. Another stupid and time wasting post completed.
Enjoy the rest of your day.


bojol said...

Oops! too many embedded videos in a single post is obviously NOT a good idea. but i need that to get the message delivered. so be it.



Anonymous said...

ayat2 di dalam post ini tak mcm kau je~

[enjoy the rest of your day]--->bukan kau

[later~]--->bukan kau jugak

kohkohkoh(barulah kau)

bojol said...

ha'ah laaa.
bukan aku kot.
mungkin anak sedare abang ipar jiran angkat sebelah rumah dua pupu aku yang tulih.

haaa betoi laa tu.
die laaa tu.

mr dx said...

bojol dah berubah. adekah ko dah menjadi lebih gay? kohkohkoh

bojol said...

erk. dakwaan tersebut terpakse ku sangkal demi kesejahteraan alam maya. dan demi menegakkan kebenaran.

go daniel craig!