Thursday, March 29, 2007

Si Pengecut dan Si Tahi

Someone tried to re-add me to his/her YM contact list today. I use the term re-add, for that person had been blocked from seeing me online some time ago. And so, i denied the request. And then that person attempted the same request again. So again, i denied the request. Then that person sent me a couple of messages (you can still send messages even if the receiver is not in your YM contact list, right?).

xxxxxx03 (29/03/2007 14:46:07): aku ade hal nk ckp ngn ko
xxxxxx03 (29/03/2007 14:48:09): bojol
xxxxxx03 (29/03/2007 14:48:18): aku nk ckp ngn ko
xxxxxx03 (29/03/2007 14:50:30): ko takut nak ckp ngn aku?
xxxxxx03 (29/03/2007 14:50:40): jgn jd pengecut k
xxxxxx03 (29/03/2007 14:50:44): be a man la

And i was like, "what the fuck?". Then that person tried again, and much to that person's disappointment, i still denied the request.

Now people, answer this: why do we avoid stepping on shit?
It's because it's smelly and filthy and yucksy and bluekky and ... shitty, right?
Not because we're afraid of it, right?

"there's a reason u flush the shit into toilet"
--> ayat ni sumbangan azmir (see? bad influence!)

So, to that particular person (cant believe i'm wishing that you're reading this!), just say whatever the fuck you wanna say, but dont bother trying to add me to your contact list. i dont wanna step on shit.

Sekian, terima kasih.


mr dx said...

that does not qualify as a bad influence. that's just factual.

alah, bad influence pun ko guna gak. hoho. so there.

bojol said...

ooo eh?

Farah Haida said...

eh eh, sape kah agaknye yg nak add bojol tapi tak berjaye tuh? aku musykil lak. apsal aku nih sebuk?

bojol said...

haaa, mesti laaa rahsia!

eh tapi ko tau kot sape (hohoho)
berape orang je pon yang aku block.
tak sampai 87 orang lagi.

Farah Haida said...

oowwwhhhhh, aku dpt teka kot. apsal mencari setelah sekian lame??? huhuu, sebuk jer die. suroh die main jauh2. org taknak kawan. apsal 87? random gile number. hahaha

bojol said...

haaaaaaaaaa kan kan kan..

kenape 87?
haaaa mesti laa rahsia lagi!
errkk. gile pointless.