Tuesday, June 02, 2009

That One Song


When did I buy my SE W910i phone ah? Can't quite remember the exact date. But the first few messages in my inbox were dated Jan 19, 2009 so I believe it should be around that time lah. A 2GB memory card was included in the package, but guess what, until now there's only one song in there. Well, of course lah I don't take the default MP3's (the ones that came with the phone) and my two BPR ringtones (10-20 seconds only) into consideration. Hehehe.

Can you guess what that one song is?
Those who already knew, shhh! Lol.


mr dx said...

aku tau! aku tau! kekeke

sayut said...

my sunshine????

Faizul Azmil said...

> mr dx: stfu then. muahahaha.

> sayut: errrr itu jawapan ke klu? hehh.