Monday, July 20, 2009

Pocong? Jengka 4?

Dari Berita Harian: Pocong Gemparkan Felda Jengka 4

Errr, Jengka 4 kat mane? Walaupun kampung aku kat Jengka 1, aku rase aku tak penah tahu-menahu Jengka 4 kat mane. Muahahahahaha.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Harimau Malaya


Semalam ternampak seekor harimau. Tetibe terpikir, "eh, kalau harimau kat Terengganu, die bunyi camne? Aummmmm ke aunnggggg?" Huhuhu.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Panggilan Telefon


Aku kerja kat bahagian IT. So tadi ade laaa sorang user yang tak dikenali ni call, die tanye camne nak print report. So aku pun bagitau laaa camni, camtu, camni, camtu... lepas dah habis tu, aku pun cakap laa kat dia, "ok, cuba akak try print. Tengok jadi ke tak."

Akak tu cakap, "oooo tunggu kejap." Tak lama lepas tu die tanye balik, "haaa dah ok, dah keluar. Betul laaa rupa die macam ni kan?"

"Eh, alamak kak. Mane saye nak nampak macam mana rupa die..."

"Ooooo ye tak ye jugak... hehehehe... ok laa ni kot, same je dengan skrin ni."

Haha. Kelakar laaa akak tu.

Ade satu hari tu pun kelakar jugak. Ade sorang user ni call, die cakap rase pelik kenape die takleh guna some of the functions. Takde authorization katenye. Ni user lain, bukan akak tadi. Dan akak yang ni pun tak dikenali juge...

Then, aku pun try laa godek2 dalam system, tengok roles, authorization, permission, etc etc. Tak jumpe kat mane problemnye. So aku pun cakap laa kat akak tu, "hmmmm... camni lah kak. Boleh akak pinjamkan dulu username dengan password akak? Saye nak kena try dulu."

"Ooo boleh2. Username, yang akak bagitau tadi. Password... eh, kalau akak bagitau kau jangan gelak tau."

"Laaa kenape pulak saye nak gelak?"

"Takde ape. Jangan gelak tau. Password dia... angahcomel."

"Kahkahkahkahkahkah..." [seriyes aku gelak gile2]

"Eh kau gelakkkkkkk!!! Bukan main lagi kau gelakkkk!!!"

"Hahahaha... sori2, tak sengaja... hahahahaha... sangat kelakar ni..."

"Ey kalau akak tak cakap akak comel, sape lagi nak cakap akak comel?"

"Laaa camtu pulak... ye laaa, ye laaa... hahahaha..."

"Eh tapi akak memang comel tau. Kalau kau datang kat ofis akak, tengok akak, haaaa... baru kau tau..."

"Yer, yer, saye paham, saye paham... hahaha... ok lah, nanti bile dah ok saye call balik... Angahcomel? Hahahaha. Adui, sakit perut..."

"Eh diam laa kau... hehehe... terima kasih, terima kasih..."

"Sama-sama... hahahaha..."

[Letak telefon]

Food, Glorious Food


Hehehe. This entry is not about about food actually. It's 02:30 in the morning, and I'm in my office right now. Workaholic? Not really. It's a responsibility, not something I do because I wanted to.

This is the fourth night I'm spending in the office (for this month). Let's see...
  • Came to office on Saturday 02:00, went home on Sunday 02:00 (1 night)
  • Came to office on Monday 01:30, went home on Tuesday 05:30 (2 nights)
  • Came to office on Tuesday 14:00, and currently still here... not sure yet when to go back...
And right now I'm eating an almost-2-days-old roti canai. Uhhh, it seems this entry does have something to do with food after all! Not a glorious one though.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Pandu Cermat Jiwa Selamat

Aku berazam untuk memandu dengan lebih berhemah.
Hip hip! Shohoku, berusahalah!

Some tips for meself (to be added over time):
  • Check surrounding before changing lanes. Double-check both sides. Triple-check the blind spots!
  • Make it a habit to signal before changing lanes or making turns. Even if no one else is around!
  • Don't do crazy cornering! Hehehe. This is super hard as I used to (and still) think that it's so not cool to brake while taking corners =P
  • Avoid sudden braking. Not good for the passengers. The driver of course-lah know when he/she brakes, but not the passengers.
  • Avoid cucuk-cucuk. Sangat susah juge. Sometimes I consider cucuk-cucuk as part of the ICE (in-car-entertainment). Hehehe.
  • Obey the speed limit. Very hard to do when no one else is around, and even harder to do on the highway!
  • Be patient! Mengucap & istighfar banyak-banyak!
  • Give more ways to motorbikers! If something were to happen to them, you're the one who will be blamed in most cases...
  • Take time to park properly
  • Make sure you know which way you're going. It helps you to focus on the driving instead of the direction. It can also avoid last minute lane-changing!
  • Don't forget to switch on the headlights when driving at night. Yes, the streets of KL are super bright, but it's not a question of whether you can see your way or not. It's more important to ask whether other drivers can see you or not.
  • Try not to run the red lights - even in the early mornings where you feel stupid waiting for the invisible cars from other directions to move... Super hard to do. LOL. I go to work before 6 in the morning, so the volume of traffic is very very low. That's why I do run some of the red lights. Gotta stop doing that huh?
Those who knew my driving style should also knew that all of the above are soooo relevant!
Hmmm. Feel free to add =)